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6  May  2005

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8 Questions in English  are What , Where , When , Why , How , Who , Which and Whose ?

What Question

1. What do you spend a lot of money on every month?

I spend a lot of money on clothes.

2. What do you think is the best way to be successful in work?

I must work hard and enjoy it.

3. What do you think tomorrow's weather will be like?

I think it will rain.

4. What else could you do?

I could help you with the typing as well.

5. What could you do to make  the world a better place to live?

I could do something helpful to my community.

6. What are the three words that describe your personality?

Responsible, hard-working and reliable.

7. What is good about meeting through a  matchmaker?   (matchmaker : �������)

It is another way you could find the right person.

8. What are the people in that house doing?

They are having an argument.  (argument : ������)

9. What are the people in the accident doing?

They are calling their car insurance.

10. What are the requirements of the course?

The participants must hold a Bachelor's degree.

11. What are the tuition fees? (tuition fees : ����������¹)

2,000 baht per person.

12. What are their nationalities? (nationalities : �ѭ�ҵ�)

They are Chinese.

13. What are they doing?

They are in the meeting.

14. What are you doing at  the moment?

I am working on a computer.

15. What are you going to do after your English class?  ( going to : ��)

I am going home.

16. What are you going to eat for dinner today?

I am going to eat green salad. ( green salad : ��Ѵ�ѡ)

17. What are you studying at FOR-YOU?

I am studying English conversation.

18. What are you favorite outdoor activities?

I like to go hiking and swimming.  ( hiking : �Թ��� )

19. What is your favorite vegetable?

I like lettuce.  ( lettuce : �ѡ�Ҵ���)

20. What is your second language?

My second language is English.

21. What are your hobbies? ( hobbies : �ҹʹ��á )

I collect stamps.

22. What are your strength and weakness?

I 'm good at getting along with people but sometimes a little impatient. ( impatient : ���͹)

23.What can I do to make it up to you? ( up to you : �������س)

You don't have to do anything. I forgive you. (forgive : �������)

24. What can help me go along better with people? (go along better with people : ��ҡѺ�����)

You have to be nice and friendly. That's all. (That's all : ������)




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