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Suffering Solving with The Noble Truth

Somwang  Witayapanyanond
April 2001
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4 Types of Truth 

1.1 Assume Truth (Conventional Truth)

For convenient communication, such as�
1. Language ex. Thai, English
2. Status ex. father, mother, teacher, student ,boss, employee
3. Dimension value : high/low, short/long; Economic value: rich/poor, cheap/expensive ;Ethics value : good/bad, diligence/lazy; Art value: beauty/ugly
4. The phenomena in common sense, the sun rise in the east, but in actually the earth rotate itself.

1.2 Scientific Truth (Empirical Truth)

The scientific knowledge from study or research in deep detail inside the conventional truth.
1. Analytic, separate in details
2. Synthetic, combine two or more things for new one such as water is conventional truth which compose of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

1.3 Supreme Truth (Metaphysical Truth)

The real which out of sensation ex. soul, devil,  heaven, hell, nirvana in high level of dharma is the four supreme truth, mind, mental, image and nirvana.

1.4 Noble Truth

The truth about life, work and surrounding nature in buddhism such as suffering, cause, cessation and paths which higher level than conventional, empirical and metaphysical truth.

Noble truth is the truth for monk become the non-return by desire stopping or eliminate passion for the streamenterer, second and third stage of paths and the passionless. In general, any one can use noble truth for life and work problems solving.

2. Principle of the Four Noble Truth

Noble Truth is the excellent or sublime of truth compose of suffering, cause, cessation and paths.

Problem(Suffering) : Physical and mental suffering

Cause : The cause of suffering

Cessation : The cessation of suffering or extinction

Paths : The paths or the ways leading to the cessation of suffering

Short word of Noble Truth is S-C-C-P


3. Assumption of Problem Solving Concept

All problems and happiness are result from specific causes, not from god making.

The problem should be eliminated at the effective causes or the root causes to ensure sustainable protection.

Phenomena of problems are symptom and cause.

Symptom treatment is temporary solution or corrective action.

Cause treatment is permanent solution or preventive action.

In worldly life and work or Mundane Dharma view point can use the Four Noble Truth to solve the problems.

In the Supramundane Dharma view point can use the Four Noble Truth to get cessation of suffering.

4. Suffering (Problems) 10 Types 

Suffering in physical, mental, economics and social

4.1 Regular Suffering

Regular is the physical suffering, continuous, general, universal for everybody such as cool, hot, hungry, thirsty, to feel a necessity to evacuate the bowels and to urinate

4.2 Sickness Suffering

Sickness in the physical suffering. Plain is the fatigue in part of body when in the same action for a long time, drive to change the action more often.
Sickness or malady come from the complete of body and became disease such as cold, diarrhea, skin diseases.

4.3 Livelihood Suffering

Suffer to find food and other to survive, suffer in economics, physical and mental when child must strong learning, and then find job, marry and take care of family
and servants.
4.4 Condition Suffering

Suffering for human, animal, tree or rock is the same in nature state, nature condition is the physical : birth, decay and death

4.5 Controversy Suffering

Suffering from dispute (contention, quarrel or controversy) with the others ,is social suffering come from the differential of human in habit or behavior, emotion and desire but must live in the same place so have a conflict against together ,fighting and destroy

4.6 Worldly Suffering

Unhappiness in mental and physical, come from the attention of gaining (acquisition), honor (respectability, reputation, fame, glory) ,admire and happiness to avoid the decay is the social suffering, gaining make comfortable but suffering in take care of treasure. Honor make authority , famous, but suffering in work hard, high responsibility difficult problems solving. Admire make noble-minded but suffering in behavior attention follow to admiration. Happiness in physical is good heath care such as exercise, eating, relax. Happiness in mental suffer in to struggle, to achieve, after satisfy not so long, the suffering become occur due to desire to get more.

4.7 Resultant Suffering

Unhappiness in physical and mental, which come from their fruition or action in the past life or preset life, is physical, mental, social suffering such as often stolen, the police couch you and penalty or took you to jail.

4.8  Miscellaneous Suffering

Miscellaneous or scattered about 8 suffering majority in mental from departure from lover, love things and stay with unlike persons or things and not success.

  • Grief
  • Physical suffering
  • Despair
  • Association with the unpleasant
  • Lamentation (wailing)
  • Mental suffering
  • separation from the pleasant (or dissociation from the pleasant)
  • and unsatisfied desire.

4.9 Defilement Suffering

Mental suffering in evil passion as live in fire from greed (covetousness), hatred, delusion, jealousy when occur make trouble.

4.10 Aggregate Suffering

Suffering to hold on the five aggregates viz. material qualities, sensation, perception, volition and consciousness is belong to himself, if no attachment it is the nature it is not suffering the aggregate is suffering itself because it change birth, decay, death. Uncertainly is suffering,  soullessness.

5.Cause of Suffering


The root of suffering is desire.
Feeling of happiness(like) : Desire of sensual pleasure and desire of existence
Feeling of suffering (don�t like) : Desire of extinction

5.1 Pull Driven (Sensual pleasure)

Pull driven inward from desire of sensual pleasure or happy in beauty, satisfy after contact to eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind consciousness

5.2 Hold Driven (Existence)

Hold driven in existing treasure, pleasure forever

5.3 Push Driven (Extinction)

Push driven outward from desire of extinction, don�t like to be or to have

6. The Cessation (Extinction) of Suffering

Shut down the suffering or problems by cutting the root cause of suffering to eliminate suffering causes

The ending of suffering is the cessation or the three desires are over.

7.The Eight Fold Paths

The countermeasure to eliminate the problems is the Eight Fold Paths.

7.1 Knowledge or Wisdom

Known : Right View (Right Understanding)
Thought : Right Thought (Right Motives)

7.2 Physical Implement or Morality (Precepts)

Talk : Right Speech
Do : Right Action
Job : Right Livelihood

7.3 Mentality Implement or Meditation

Diligence : Right Effort
Attentiveness : Right Mindfulness
Concentrate or Focus : Right Meditation (Right Concentration)

8. Countermeasure of Wisdom Problems 

8.1 Right View (Knowledge)

8.1.1 Knowledge Understanding 3

1.Known about suffering, cause, cessation and the paths of Noble Truth
2. Understand what is good or bad ?
3. Known the process of occurrence, existing and ending by the linkage of multi-factors (Original Dependent)

8.1.2 Right View Development

1. Accept the suggestion from expert
2. Detail consideration by myself without bias

8.1.3 Right View Build up Method

2. Consideration about cause and effect, investigate to the original cause
3. Mentality development by peaceful, concentration development and consider the life until occur the insight level of knowledge (Insight Meditation)

8.2 Right Thought

1. Clear thought, thought of self-abnegation
2. Thought loving kindness and compassion (not ill-will or malevolence)
3. Non-violence, non-injury (Ahimsa)

Setup the Right Thought

1. Often consideration suffering (10) in daily life
2. Give kindness to people and animal every day
3. When feel angry, hatred, using consciousness to abandon it
4. Keep morality (discipline) thought of self-abnegation

9. Countermeasure of Physical Problems

9.1 Right Speech (Talk)

1. Avoidance lying, false speech
2. Avoidance of inform against (or slandering) to incite (or to instigate, or to provoke)
3. Abandon of harsh speech
4. Abandon of frivolous talk

Speech : communication, information

9.2 Right Action

1. Avoidance killing living being
2. Avoidance stealing
3. Avoidance unchaste

9.3 Right Livelihood

1. Avoid earning one�s living criminally (the underworld) but earning with honest or faithful
2. Avoid 5 occupations, are weapon(arms), human, animal meat or farm, intoxicant(liquors) and poison

10. Countermeasure of Mental Problems 

10.1 Right Effort

Effort to do 4 ways
1. Effort to restrain (to take care of demerit)
2. Effort to give up demerit
3. Effort to develop (increase) merit
4. Effort to maintain merit in order to prevent decay

10.2 Right Mindfulness

Setup the Four Bases of Mindfulness
1. Body : group of mental activities, namely sensation, perception and volition
2. Contemplation of sensation
3. Contemplation of thought
4. Contemplation of phenomena

10.3 Right Concentration

Implement the mental to meditation from lower, middle and higher level until accomplish the transe

10.3.1 Meditation Level

1. Temporary Concentration
2. Proximate Concentration
3. Permanent Concentration

10.3.2 Meditation Component

1.Initial application, thought, reflexion
2. Sustained application (consideration, investigation)
3. Delight, joy
4. Happiness from seclusion (detachment)
5. Tranquillity of mind (mental one pointedness)

10.3.3 Four Levels of High Meditation

1. The first absorption           reflexion - sustained - delight - happiness - tranquillity
2. The secondary absorption ------------------------------- delight - happiness - tranquillity
3. The third absorption          --------------------------------------------happiness - tranquillity
4. The Forth absorption          -------------------------------------------------------------tranquillity - neutrality

11. Intuition of Wisdom (Insight Knowledge) to know the position of Noble Truth

Problem solving by Noble Truth, for salvation need to use insight (3) which occur in mind by meditation are

11.1 Truth Insight (scripture, learning or knowledge)

Intuition in Noble Truth in suffering, desire is the root cause, can eliminate the suffering and accept the path

11.2 Duty Insight (Implement)

Intuition in Noble Truth implement

11.3 Performed Action Insight (comprehension, attainment)

Intuition in having performed Noble Truth action

12. Desire is the cause of mental suffering 

Pull Driven
(sensual pleasure)

Hold Driven

Push Driven

Art & Beauty

  • Beautiful 
  • Smooth Skin


  • Beautiful Forever

  • Smooth Skin Forever


  • Ugly

  • Rough Skin


  • Debt Clearing 
  •  Rich, Money 
  •  Job Earning 


  • No Debt Further

  • Rich Forever
  • Earning Until Dead


  • Debt

  • Poor
  • Unemployment, cannot earning
Love & Family
  • Lover
  • Husband Straightness
  • Without Addiction  
  • Love Things Exist
  • Exist
  • High Resistance 


  • Hated, Enemy
  • Paramour, Adulterer, Unchaste 
  • to be addicted to habit-forming drug (dope)
  • Good Friend 
  • Social Honor &Admire
  • Only Good Friend
  • Social Acceptance 
  • Imitate Friend
  • Social Arrogance or Contempt
  • Good Health
  • Just Drink 
  • Nontoxic Food
  • Long Life
  • Never Sickness 
  • Never Drink
  • All Safe Foods 
  •  Forever Life or No Dried
  • Chronic
  • Alcoholic
  • Poison or Pesticide in Food
  • Short Life or Dried


13. Mental Problem Solving-Pull Driven


Need to buy TV, high tech., high price, not enough money


Desire to have like neighborhood, prevent the others look down

Cessation (Target)

1.Cancellation, use the existing one
2. Money collection and buy

Countermeasure by Money Collection (Target No.2)

View : Suffering came from desire to get TV and want to get recognition
Thought : Recognition or happiness is not come from consume like as others, consumption in the right ways that suit ourselves is optimize. When consider the necessary to still alive, if not necessary, it may be cancel and if otherwise should be compare to our capacities.

Talk : Good communication, good talk to earn money, motivate myself to earn, talk bout purchasing in the good quality, low price and good service
Do : Do job, keep money, carefully spent, control the remain money, for the target of TV buying
Job : good job

Diligence : Good doing, avoid nonsense paying, make the alternative method,
to get more money
Consciousness : Remember the target all time, warning to spent, how much deposit, how long for collection, when we should buy, necessary to buy, if no can we cancellation
Focus : Maintain the target (if no change) and focus in duty to
achieves ,finally buy it

14. Mental Problem Solving-Hold Driven


Afraid of the treasures are over, the successor cannot manage


Desire to hold the treasures forever

Cessation (Target)

1.Cut heart, depend on the successors
2. Construct the heritage cannot sold

Countermeasure by Heart Cutting (Target No.1)

View : Suffering come from the desire of existence, not belief the successor capability
Thought : All treasures came from the earth, not sustainable, follow up the rule of uncertainly, happiness from having and spending the treasure is not sustainable , the successor should be known and doing like the millionaire principle such as finding, keeping, economics and good friend

Talk : Good talk, teaching the successors to know and implement the millionaire principle
Do : Training the successor implement to follow the millionaire principle when we still alive
Job : Follow up and take care the successor behavior to setup and corrective

Diligence : Continuous improvement, try to allow them to do or self management and monitoring the results
Mindfulness : Remember the objective, after they can do, we should be hand free, if they cannot do ,we should be corrective treatment, if no ways, may be change the new one
Focus : Focus to deploy all job and treasure responsibility to the successors

15. Mental Problem Solving-Push Driven


Suffering from chronic disease


To disappear completely from disease

Cessation (Target)

1. To be quits of a disease

Countermeasure by Cure at the Root Cause

Know : Sickness is the nature from the defect of the body occur-still-decay ,some disease from the genetic, if you have strong health, some disease cannot cure.
Thought : Consider what disease you are? consult to doctor, if the root from the body, so you must exercise, if you infects from some where, please avoid the place, if it come from genetic, may be worthless, so you should do some things in good ways for others, may be better

Talk :Good talk, ask for a doctor, nurse, what the disease come from? How to do for yourselves in the purpose of your health?
Do : Exercise for good health, find pure air to breathing and eat medicine as the doctor recommences
Job : Earning in good job for good mentality and suitable to your body capability

Diligence : Often to follow the doctor recommence and find some concerning knowledge, avoid drinking liquor, not too much complain more than reality
Mindfulness : Observation the change of the health, when deteriorate better, why ?

Focus : Concentration and implement to recover the health

16. Summary

Noble truth is the excellent truth, which using from mental problems solving by ending the root cause or desire with the 8 Fold Paths

Suffering solving with the Noble Truth, using to suffering ending to nirvana. Further more, can use to solve any life problems for all people

Short Word : S-C-C-P

The End

Thanks for
Mr.Sangka Channgamg
For the Book of  "The Noble Truth
: The Principle of Buddhism"

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