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Conditional Occurrence : Rule-Cause-Transform-Throughput by Nature

 Mr. Somwang Witayapanyanond

and Mr.agekarat Pintola

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The basic of problem solving for work and life improvement, without Conditional Occurrence (Itapajayata) or CO knowledge to solve at the root cause, is difficult to success.

The CO rule as follow ; �When have this thing to be cause, then this thing must be occurred, and on the contrary, if without this thing as cause, then this thing cannot be occurred�

The component of CO are 3 components as the Rule, Transformation and Throughput.

The Rule of CO, from nature, not artificial, follow up the truth from science and spiritual, such as water come through higher to lower (Physical rule) , 2 + 2 = 4 (Mathematics rule) good materials and good process of production make a good goods (production rule) and dishonest employee must be expelled (Company rule).

Transformation is the reaction by the rule, when causes driven. The transform is the process change the causes to be Throughput, as same as the chemical reaction.

Throughput is the results or outcome (product and waste) from cause (input) come in the rule conditions, passed through the Transformation process and make the results. For example, the beef pass through the grinder to be fine beef.

Due to the rule, transformation, and throughput, is the nature principle and uncontrollable by human. So, when problem or suffering from results in daily work and life. We should be solved or control at the cause. If the cause is only symptom from the results with transferred consequently, the problem is still alive. If the cause at the root, we solve, can be solve the problem clearly and completely, as the OC principle , � if without this thing as cause, then this thing cannot be occurred�

Please learn and understand OC principle for the basic of the dependent origination (Paticcasmuppada), which explain the chain of OC for fact investigation at the root cause.

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